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Our beloved Ellie Seeger passed away on May 7, 2003.
We have honored Ellie's memory with memorial events which are listed and described on this webpage.

Our Beloved John Seeger passed away on January 10, 2010.
Plans are still being made to honor John and updates will be posted here.

John and Ellie have asked that contributions in their honor be sent to:
The Seeger Bartlett Foundation
P. O. Box 1
Hancock, VT 05748.

Contributions to the Seeger / Bartlett Scholarship Foundation in John and Ellie's honor will help needy children enjoy the benefits of an extraordinary summer camp experience.

This web page will be updated as often as possible:

Campers and staff planted apple trees in Ellie's honor on July 14th.

A Memorial Campfire and a Memorial Service were held in beautiful weather on the weekend of August 30 and 31. Over 140 campers, former campers, staff and friends attended. Photographs may be viewed on this webpage.

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...with more updates to come as soon as possible)


About 80 people gathered at the camp lake on a magnificent, chilly, star-lit, and Mars-lit night to share memories of Ellie and sing songs in her honor. Here is a photograph of the candle boat ceremony.


Over 140 people gathered in perfect weather in front of the main house to share an enhanced hikers lunch consisting of hardtack, peanut butter, jelly, chocolate bars, salads, and, of course, bug juice. Nametags made it easier to recognize old friends as they renewed acquaintances and helped plant trees on the rhythms ground in honor of Ellie. More photographs will be added as soon as possible.

At 2PM people walked down to the lake where lovely flowers had been placed overlooking Ellie's island and the still waters of the lake which reflected the distant mountains.

John began the Quaker-style service with a few minutes of silence.
He then invited people who wanted to share memories of Ellie
to come up to the microphone and speak or sing.
As one person was speaking, a lovely Blue Heron landed on the water.

John Seeger, Kate Seeger, and Tony Seeger.

Dean Spencer, Roger Berkley, Smitty (Bill Smith), and David Harris.

Jack Viertel, Chris (Tex) Teghtsoonian, George Ward, and Ben Harris.

Pete DalNegro, Tom Perera, Ginny Crocker, and Jerry Everts.

Lina Newhouse, Bobbie Brandon, Jonathan Stern, Dee Michel, and Chris Leonard.

After about an hour and a half, another silent moment honored Ellie.
As the shadows lengthened, people gradually made their way back to the tables in front of the main house where coffee and cookies were waiting.
The last people left camp at around 5PM.


We will honor John and Ellie again at the Annual Killooleet Sing which will be held on Thanksgiving Weekend in the Dalton School Auditorium at 108 East 89th. Street in New York City.
Further details will be printed in the newsletter. All are welcome !

In the event that you may want to visit camp in future years, we have left the travel directions and information about acommodations, campsites, and food, on this website.


In Hancock, Vermont:
The entrance to Camp Killooleet is located on Vermont route 100 about 100 feet south of the junction of Vermont routes 125 and 100 in the center of Hancock.

From Boston: (about 3 hours):
I-93 or Route 3 north to Concord, NH.
I-89 north to Vermont exit 3, Bethel, VT
Right at end of ramp onto route 107 west.
Follow 107 to junction with route 100.
Take sharp right onto route 100 north.
Follow route 100 north to Hancock (see above).

From New York City: (about 6 hours):
New York State Thruway (I-87) North to exit 24.
Take Northway (I-87) north to exit 20.
Left at light onto route 9 north about 1/3 mile. Right onto route 149.
Turn left onto route 4 in Fort Anne.
Route 4 through Rutland to junction with route 100 north.
Follow route 100 north to Hancock (see above).


Please click on this link for the LATEST LISTING:


The Mountain Trails Campground (802) 767-3352 is located about 4 miles south of camp. From the Killooleet entrance in Hancock, drive south on route 100 for 2.4 miles and turn left (east) on Quarry Hill Road 1.3 miles to the campground. We suggest that you make reservations early here since it is the Labor Day Weekend.

Self-sufficient (Think overnighters) camping is available on the high mountain meadows of the Perera Farm 4 miles from camp. To find the farm, go to the junction of Routes 100 and 125 in Hancock. This is about 100 feet North of the Killooleet entrance. Drive 2.2 miles West on Route 125 and turn right (North) onto Fassett Hill Road. Go up Fassett Hill Road for 1.8 miles to the end and you will see the large white house and red barns. Follow the signs past the house and up into the meadows.

Self-sufficient camping is also available in the old fields at the end of the Texas Falls Picnic Area road. To find these campsites, go to the junction of Routes 100 and 125 in Hancock. This is about 100 feet North of the Killooleet entrance. Drive 3.0 miles West on Route 125 and turn right (North) on the Texas Falls road. Go up the road past Texas Falls and the picnic areas and continue on the dirt road a few miles to the point where it branches out into the fields. There are nice level spots as you drive up into the fields to the right. There will probably be other groups camping in this area on the long Labor Day weekend.


The EASY STREET CAFE and the PURPLE MOON PUB are both owned by Killooleeters, Katherine and Daniel Perera. They serve breakfast, lunch, take-out sandwiches and salads, dinner and pub fare. They are located about 20 minutes North of Hancock on the East (Right) side of route 100 just before you enter the town of Waitsfield.
Restarant: (802) 496-7234, Pub: (802) 496-3422.

The HANCOCK CAFE is located 200 feet north of the camp entrance at the junction of routes 100 and 125. They serve good basic meals.

The HANCOCK STORE is located about 100 feet West of the Cafe on route 125. They have basic grocery supplies and soda.

The ROCHESTER CAFE is located just before you get to the Rochester Town Green on the right side of route 100 about 4 miles South of the Killooleet entrance. They serve good basic meals, salads, and pizzas.

There is a VEGITARIAN/VEGAN RESTARANT in Rochester across route 100 from the Rochester Cafe mentioned above.

The HUNTINGTON HOUSE INN, Rochester VT 05767 (802-767-4868) is located on the Green in Rochester, 4 miles south of the Killooleet entrance on route 100. They serve fine meals in the restarant and have a pub menu in the bar.

There is a good GENERAL GROCERY STORE which also makes sandwiches in Rochester, 4 miles south of the Killooleet entrance on route 100. It is located on the right (West) side of route 100 just north of the town green.

MIDDLEBURY has many restarants ranging from the A & W DRIVE-IN on route 7 between Middlebury and East Middlebury which still provides tray service to your car window... to the THE MIDDLEBURY INN, Box 789 Middlebury VT 05753 (800-842-4666) www.middleburyinn.com on the Green in Middlebury.

FIRE AND ICE Located near the center of Middlebury has an extraordinary salad bar and consistantly good food.

MR. UPS Located near the center of Middlebury also has a good salad bar and good food.

AMIGO'S MEXICAN RESTARANT on the Green in Middlebury serves good Mexican food.


The Killooleet Sing will be held on Thanksgiving Weekend.
It will be in the Dalton School Auditorium at 108 East 89th. Street in New York City. Additional information will be sent in the newsletters and added to this page.
All are welcome !


If you would like further information, you may contact Tom Perera by using the email address, postal address, or telephone number listed in the letter from John Seeger or you may use the alternate email address listed below.

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